Cambria's Sustainable Water Facility 101


Cambrians for Water (C4 H2O) has prepared a series of four essays titled Cambria's Sustainable Water Facility 101. As the name suggests, the series provides the information that everyone should know about the Sustainable Water Facility (SWF), including the history of Cambria's chronic water shortage problem and reasons why the SWF can solve that problem once and for all.

The first of the four essays, titled Cambria's Long Path Toward Water Security, reviewsthe town's water shortages over the last thirty (30) years and the principal efforts undertaken to solve the problem. The second essay, Inside the Sustainable Water Facility, describes the considerable science and engineering that supports the SWF, how the plant operates and where it fits within the CCSD's 2008 Water Master Plan.

The third essay, At the Crossroads: The Regular Coastal Development Permit as of June 2018, describes the process and timetable of CCSD’s regular coastal development permit application pending before San Luis Obispo County. It also explains why the regular permit is so important for the SWF and Cambria's future water security. The fourth and final essay in the series, Call to the Cause: How We Can All Act Now to Secure the Regular Permit, outlines specific actions each of us can take that will influence regulators to grant CCSD a regular development permit and provide Cambria long-term water security.  A list of talking points is available here.

We hope you find these essays informative and that you will be inspired to take a more active role to support the SWF so that Cambria can have true water security now and for future generations.

Cambrians for Water Steering Committee


Essay 1: Cambria's Long Path Toward Water Security

Essay 2: Inside the Sustainable Water Facility

Essay 3: At the Crossroads: The Regular Coastal Development Permit

Essay 4: Call to the Cause: How We Can All Act Now to Secure the Regular Permit