About Cambrians for Water

Our Mission

  1. Advocate for Cambria to obtain a regular Coastal Development Permit for the Sustainable Water Facility (SWF), enabling Cambria to control operation of the facility with minimum restrictions.

  2. Provide voters and ratepayers with facts about candidates and policies, related to water security, by acting as a community advocate and resource center for educational information and evidence-based data.

  3. Encourage Cambrians, who favor water security, to influence local, county and state decision makers through participation at meetings, letter writing and public speaking.

  4. Support Cambria’s 2008 Water Master Plan established goal of no more than 4,650 residential water connections.

  5. Promote the upgrade and renovation of water and sewer infrastructure to ensure Cambria’s water and wastewater treatment process and delivery systems.

Our Steering Committee

  • Bob Detweiler is a retired professor and president, California State University. He is a twenty-year resident of Cambria. Bob is highly supportive of a sustainable water supply facility that is environmentally sensitive and meets the long- term needs of our community.

  • Tom Gray has been a full-time Cambria resident since 2009 after retiring from a career in journalism and communications consulting. He chose Cambria for its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle, both of which he wants to preserve. Tom also wants to make sure that Cambria has a future as a viable community. It is for these reasons that he is involved in C4H2O.

  • Mike Lyons is a retired businessman and 26 year Cambria resident. Mike’s motivation for his active involvement with Cambrians for Water: with global warming coming at all of us at an increasing pace, working towards water security is his top priority.

  • Mary Maher is retired engineer from The Boeing Company. Mary has owned a home in Cambria for 18 years and moved here full time in 2016. Mary sees Cambria as a special place because of its natural beauty and community. Without long-term water security we risk losing our natural environment, local businesses and lifestyle.

  • Clive Mettrick is a part-time resident who has long wanted to live on the California coast. The natural beauty attracted him to the Cambria. He wants a reliable water supply to carry us through droughts for the health, safety, and convenience of residents. Clive hopes the Sustainable Water Facility will be permanently permitted as soon as possible.

  • Andy Pickar spent most of his life dreaming about living in a small coastal community. His dreams came true when he moved to Cambria. He likes to hike and bike our beautiful trails and roads; tend to his garden of (mostly) tomatoes and olallieberries; meet and greet fellow Cambrians and visitors; and support efforts to protect our environment while creating a stable, reliable water supply.

  • Mark Rochefort and his wife, Betty, have owned a home in Cambria for more than thirty years and have been full time residents since 2012. Mark, a retired attorney, believes strongly that to survive and prosper Cambria must maintain year around water security. He is one of the founders in 2014 of Cambrians for Water.

  • Ted Siegler, and his wife Suzy, made Cambria their permanent home in 2013, after thirteen years of part time residence. He’s been actively involved in our community’s civic affairs, because, in a small town, each person’s effort is measurable. Water security is at the heart of our viability as individuals and as a town. C4H2O’s voice is critical to Cambria’s present and future.